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Proven Methods to Help You Get To the NEXT Level in Your Job/Career Search

Are you tired of getting caught in the Application Trap? …And ready to land the job of your dreams?

Isn’t it time to STOP applying to JOB after JOB with no response? 

Aren’t you ready to get off of the application roller coaster and start hearing back from quality employers? 

 Aren’t you ready to take your dreams to the NEXT Level?         

 If I’ve heard the story once, I've  heard it a MILLION times. 

 …I’ve applied to over 300 jobs with little to no response. 

…I know I’m qualified, why won’t the employers respond? 

…If I can just get in front of them for an interview, I know I can get the job. 

…What am I doing wrong, there are so many jobs available, and I can’t get an interview? 

In economics, the opportunity cost of something is the loss of potential gain, when one alternative is chosen as opposed to another alternative. The loss is the sacrifice we make for choosing one thing over another. 

What is the sacrifice you are making by spending so much time applying for job after job, with little to no result?  

Could you be….

  • Advancing in your career?  
  • Making more money? 
  • Increasing your standard of living?   
  • Spending more time your children, family and friends? 
  • Increasing your Self-worth and building more Confidence?  
  • Learning more skills to make you more competitive? 

Most people seek a better job opportunity to increase their standard of living. However, consistent rejection in the job market can have a debilitative effect on self-worth and confidence levels.  

I have seen people want to give up on their hopes and dreams because they felt like they were not good enough. 

OFTEN, it is not that you are not good enough, you are just not giving the employers what they want to see to get you in the door. 

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. 

Why stay on the roller coaster ride when you can move forward and progress in life? 

Ask yourself… 

  • Am I ready to take back my power?  
  • Am I ready to advance my career? 
  • Am I ready to get that promotion? 
  • Am I ready for that NEXT level opportunity where my skills and competencies are valued? 
  • Would my life better if I could get the job I really want to get?

From the time we are young we are told what we can and can’t do.

  • “It’s too hard to do that.”
  • “You have to pay somebody to do that for you”
  • “You are not qualified to do that “
  • “The system is rigged, only a few select people can get in the door”

Well, I am here to tell you there is nothing you can’t do. The more you learn about yourself, the more your confidence builds. The more your confidence builds the better you are at expressing and articulating your value to anyone that asks. 

Knowledge is power. 

The more you know, the more powerful you become.

  •  What if you could begin to live your best life, starting with getting the job of your dreams or going into the career field you love? 
  • What if you didn’t have to pay someone else hundreds of dollars to write a winning resume for you. 
  • What if you had the opportunity to evaluate your skills and qualification and gain renewed confidence in the value you bring to employers.

Now you can….


Resume Writing: How to Write a Winning Resume

A Step by Step process for writing an effective and compelling resume to help you get to the NEXT level in your career

This informative and comprehensive course contains 24 lessons that lead you on a step-by-step journey to writing a compelling resume that will help you win the interview, but will also be instrumental in helping you articulate your value to the employer.
In this information packed course, you will learn:
The SURPRISING secrets to writing an effective resume
How to ADVANCE your career by writing a compelling resume that meets the employers’ objectives
How to PREPARE before you write your resume
The DIFFERENT TYPES of resumes and which one you should use based on your work experience
How to get CREATIVE in writing a resume that will help you STAND out from the crowd
How to ARTICULATE your skills and competencies in an effective way
How to remove fear and increase your CONFIDENCE
How to develop your BRANDING STATEMENT
And so much more

Learning these lessons could absolutely change the way you see yourself and the way others see you as well.
This is a Career Changing Opportunity.
Learning these lessons changed the way I look at myself and in turn the way I present myself to others.
You could try to learn all of this on your own, but it would require hours upon hours of reading and research.
You wouldn’t have the guidance of an expert.
And you wouldn’t really know if you were making real progress or doing it right.
Or you could be taken by the hand and guided on this career changing journey.
Which will it be?

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Tonya L. White 
Coach and Course Instructor

I am Tonya L.  White, DBA, CLC,  a  mother, professor,  business owner, management and marketing consultant, life and career coach, mentor, inspirational speaker and author. 
I have 13+ years of experience in hospitatily managment where I hired, trained and managed five departments. I have 8+ years of experience as Director of Career Service for a university where I helped hundreds of students prepare for jobs and careers, and who are now walking in their purpose. 
 While I may wear many hats, they all align with my mission of helping NEXT level ready individuals like you, walk in your PURPOSE.  
If you don’t read any further know that I was put on this earth to inspire you, empower you and impact your life in a positive way. 
My purpose is to empower you to live your best life.  To learn more, go to

What's Included in Your Course

There are 8 modules and 24 total lessons. The lessons are: 

Module 1: Welcome to How to write a Resume

In this module you will receive a welcome message from your instructor as well as  instructions  on how to navigate the course. 

Module 2: Why a Resume?

#1 What is a resume 

Your resume is your professional story. How you tell your story and the first impression you make while telling that story will be the key to moving forward to your NEXT level. 

#2 A resume is not

Understanding what a resume is NOT is critical to how you write your resume. There are certain things that should go on a resume and certain things that ABSOLUTELY should not. Understanding these do's and don’ts can be the catalyst to the next growth opportunity. 

#3 7 Reasons you need a resume

A resume is important for a number of opportunities, not just for individuals looking for jobs. Understanding how a resume can be used in all kinds of situations is important. 

 #4 Standard Resume Principles 

 There are certain things that employers expect for every candidate to show on their resume. If these basic principles are not known or are over-looked, chances are you will never get selected for the interview. On the other hand, knowing these principles can give you a competitive advantage. 

 #5 How important is a well written resume 

There used to be a time when you could walk into a company and ask to see the HR manager. Well, that time is long gone. Even before Covid, for security reasons people are not just allowed to come on the campus of an organization without being invited.

 So, how do these employers get your resume?  Today, they use a very advanced / data base that helps to weed out people that do not match the criteria.  These databases are the gatekeepers.  You must get past the gatekeeper before you get to talk to a human.   

 Module 3: Formatting your Resume

#6 How to organize your resume

There are keys to well written resumes? 

  • Should you use paragraphs or bullet points? 
  • What size font should be used?
  • What type of font should be used? 

There are all lessons that some have learned, and some have not. Which can be reasons for rejection. 

 #7 What should be emphasized 

Presentation is everything. Learning how to market yourself even on paper is a key component to success. 

How you look on paper will determine if you ever get a chance to show who you really are and what you are capable of, in person.  

#8 Common Mistakes

Some mistakes are made simply due to the lack of knowledge. Some things  you say on a resume you may think is making you look good but in fact,  they can cause certain biases and prejudices. 

It’s important to know how much information to give and what can wait until the interview to share of needed at all. 

 Module 4: What’s included in a Resume

#9 Main Components of a resume

There are some main categories and components that should be included in your resume. In this module you will learn the main components of a resume as well as optional categories. The key is choosing which ones that will highlight your strengths. 

 #10 Preliminary research

Writing an effective resume is not as simple  as putting down your work experience. A lot of the work is done before you write a word. In this module you will learn  what  information you need before you start writing and where to go to get that information. 

 Module 5: Career Vs. Job

#11 Understanding the difference between a career and a job

What you are seeking can greatly impact how you write your resume and how you are viewed by the employer. In this lesson you will learn the differences between a job and a career and how you can figure out which stage you are in so you can write an effective resume. 

 Module 6: Let’s Write your Resume 

Finally, in this module you  are ready to write your resume. And I am ready to help you. 

You will go  through a step by process of writing your resume based on the principles learned earlier in class. 

In every lesson you will have an opportunity to get instructor feedback as you progress. 

 #12 Identification 

In this lesson you learn what to put and what not to put in this section. You will also  learn how to format this section of the resume. 

 #13 Writing your Branding Statement 

To be able to articulate your value to an employer you must know who you are and what you bring to the table. In this lesson we help you develop your branding statement. You will learn how to brand your self as well as how to write your own branding statement. 

 #14 Chronological Resume 

 In this lesson you will learn more about the reverse chronological resume and discuss whether this is the right resume style for you. 

 #15 Functional/Skills Resume 

In this lesson you will learn more about  a less traditional style of resume that can highlight your strengths and lessen your weaknesses. 

#16 Combination Resume and others...

In this lesson you will learn the  power of the combination resume as well as other resume styles that may best fit you in your job search. 

 #17 Work Experience 

While this may seem like a straightforward lesson. This section is where many mistakes are made on the resume , and the reason why your resume may not be selected. 

 #18 Skills gained from your work experience 

Simply put, if you don’t have the skills an employer is looking for you will need to gain those skills. There is no way around that. However, there are times when you might have the skills needed but simply do not know how to articulate them on your resume. This critical component can catapult your resume from the weeded-out pile to the top 10 pile and finally to the interview stage.  

#19 Key Contributions to Previous Employers

Employers are no longer just looking for your tasks or duties. They are looking for employees that can bring value to their organization. Discussing contribution and achievements can demonstrate that value to give you competitive edge even in the application stage. 

 #20 Education 

In this lesson you will learn what you should and should not put on your resume. We discuss several options that can demonstrate your educational qualifications even of you are applying for a different field than your education. 

Module 7: Giving yourself a Competitive Edge

For every job you are competing with hundreds of potential candidates. You will need every competitive advantage you can find. In this lesson you will learn additional tips on how to balance the scales and even tip the scale over in your favor. 

#21 Specialized Skills, Honors, Activities 

Here you will learn how to dig deeper to recognize  the value you have. 

#22 What not to put on your Resume 

Here you will learn additional lessons on  what not to put on your resume. Little things you may not catch at first but can make a world of difference to your employer. 

 Module 8: Bonus

#23 Customizing your Resume 

Here you will learn the many  benefits of customizing your resume. 

#24 Following Directions 

Finally, here we share the importance of following direction and how Employers weed out potential candidates through these little-known tactics.

Frequenty Asked Questions

About Resume Writing: Writing A Winning Resume Course

  • Will this course help me if I don't know what I want to do with my life?

    Yes. This course can help you even if you don't have a specific job in mind. We offer access to differnt assessments that can help to give you direction. Please reach out to Coach Tonya for more information.

  • Are there requirements or prerequisites for this course?

    There are no prerequisites for this course. It's open to anyone who wants to increase their competitive advantage in the application process.

  • Will this work?

    Yes, it absolutely will. The more customized your resume the better your chances of getting in front of the interviewer.

  • How long will I have access to this course?

    Once purchased. You will have a lifetime access to this course.

Are you Ready to Finally Take back your Power and and move the NEXT level?

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  • Be fully prepared to get the NEXT level in your career

  • Be armed with the knowledge of yourself and what value you bring to the table

  • Have more confidence in your qualifications and skills

  • Know what you need to do to better prepare for the job or career of your dreams

  • Start making a difference in the lives of your family and yourselflf your family

  • Do the THING you have been putting off for years.


“Dr. White, I wanted to say thank you for helping me create my resume and also for helping me find the right career for myself. With you helping me I am currently employed at CVS in my city and I am working the business side and pharmaceutical aspect of the company. Thank you so much. R”

Ricardo D.

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